Our Home and Family

The general company matters

Our CEO:

Edita Jogminienė
Phone: +370 605 75783
Email: edita@analote.lt

“You need to do the best you can and you will be done at least what you could do”

Chief accountant

Brigita  Šaukevičienė
Phone: +370 640 23929

Email: buhalterija@analote.lt

“Everything is and will be good”


Danutė Ufertienė
Phone: +370 640 23929

Email: inbox@analote.lt

“Happy is he who works joyfully and delights in the work he has done”

Supply and transport issues

Supply department manager

Dalius Kreišmontas
Phone: +370 606 42006

Email: wood@analote.lt

“It is expected that success comes to those who get up early. It is not true, success comes to those who gets up in a good mood”

Supply manager in Lithuania

Vytautas Adlis
Phone: +370 645 10005

Email: vytautas@analote.lt

“Problems are a good opportunity to learn”

Transport division manager

Dovilė Malkauskienė
Phone: +370 604 70080

Email: dovile@analote.lt

“Sun – inevitable”

production sales and export issues

Sales department manager

Vidmantas Kumža
Phone: +370 671 17006

Email: vidmantas@analote.lt

“If you think that you’ve done everything, do a second time as well, and you shall have done everything you can best”

Sales Manager of trade with Germany and Austria:

Kristina Prušinskienė
Phone: +370 676 70401

Email: holzproduktion@analote.lt

“One positive thoughts about tomorrow can change your whole day”

Sales Manager of trade with France:

Jūratė Gailienė
Phone: +370 684 70074

Email: bois@analote.lt

“A thousand words can’t do as much as a single good deed”

Sales Manager of trade with Holland, Belgium, Scandinavia:

Edita Dzeventkauskienė
Phone: +370 645 10005

Email: cargo@analote.lt

“Correct mind and a good heart – combination for success!”